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Agency: RED / 160over90

Client: Twitch

Role: Lead Designer (motion)

Software: After Effects, Premiere

Programmatic Social Ads

To accrue more Twitch users, we aimed for two distinct demographics: competitive gamers and casual viewers with other interests (ie cooking, crafting, etc.)

We created video templates to feature Twitch's livestream ambassadors that felt digital and post-modern and utilized Twitch's emotes, while letting the livestream footage speak to the users.

Social Ads: New User Acquisition

We were tasked to create two video templates to generate new user acquisition for Twitch. They wanted to showcase their content with an emphasis on diversity (both culturally and gaming-wise). The first video template was served to users who were casual gamers, with other hobbies they may enjoy (ie cooking, working out, etc.). The second video template was served to a more serious gaming demographic.

[Tarot Vertical] Casual Gamer/Hobbyist

[Workout Vertical] Casual Gamer/Hobbyist

[Cats + Butts] Serious Gamer

[Makeup + Puppets] Serious Gamer

Social Ads: AAPI / API Month

We were tasked to create videos for API Month that showcase Twitch's diverse streamers from all across the world, across many cultures.

Streamer /mxmtoon

Streamer /AznSensation

Streamer /IslandStyle

Streamer /TominationTime

Social Ads: Twitch Music

Twitch has more to offer than gaming, so we created ads that showcase musicians who stream on the platform.

Social Ads: Twitch Gaming Gathering

To advertise Twitch's gaming convention, we created pixelated videos to showcase the event.

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